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Exclaimer signature manager is your tool to design and deploy Outlook signatures across your entire organisation without ever leaving your desk. Outlook signatures are great for getting names, job titles, contact details and even cool branding elements into every corporate email that you send. They’re an easy way to let your customers know who you are and how to get hold of you – and just think how happy marketing will be with all those extra brand impressions. Trouble is… Microsoft never gave you a way to centrally manage Outlook signatures……but fear not, help is at hand!

With Outlook Signature Manager from exclaimer you can create personalised Outlook signatures to make your external emails fit in with the professional design and ethos of your organisation. Use the powerful editor to create your own dynamic Outlook signature templates or feel free to be inspired by our extensive library.


Power and Control

Build policies to get the right signatures to the right people. Maybe you want your Sales team to have different signatures from your R&D department. Maybe some people need more than one signature to choose from. Perhaps you want to incorporate campaign banners and disclaimers into your Outlook signatures. You get all this and much more with Outlook Signature Manager.



Hitting the save button effects immediate deployment of new Outlook signatures to all users, even those tricky remote users that are always on the move and never get time to stop by the office. No mess, no fuss. Your users can get on with sending professional looking mails and you can get on with running your business.


Simple, Strong and Supported

Signature Manager is built ground up with IT staff in mind. It’s centrally managed, easy to set up, easy to deploy, easy to configure, easy to monitor and tested to destruction. And should you ever need them, our expert support people are always ready to help out.



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