Full Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Marketing service now available

Full Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Marketing service now available

NTES are now offering complete Wi-Fi marketing solutions to the hospitality sector including cafés, hotels, bars, restaurants and clubs.

Today’s customers expect free access to wi-fi when patronizing a restaurant or café and see good Wi-Fi as a reason to repeatedly frequent a premises. Please refer to this article on best practices for setting up free Wi-Fi for guests at your premises.   We can see that good free Wi-Fi access is a reason to recommend a premises. To that end NTES are assisting clients install quality, affordable and tailored Wi-Fi solutions to suit your scale.

NTES offer Wi-fi marketing systems using Unifi Ubiquiti hardware and cloud controller

Unifi AC Pro Access Point, Gigabit and Dual Band

Our service includes ensuring you have a competitive internet supply and we can help determine your best alternatives. We provide Unifi Wi-Fi hardware which offers a range of access points to suit your scale and budget. Unifi Wi-Fi access points sit on the same switches and routers as CCTV cameras and VoIP phones. We also supply and install these systems, consequently yielding you savings on setup and operation.

Wi-Fi Marketing Suite

We can quickly plug your Wi-Fi into a simple to manage marketing suite thus allowing you to make the most of the potential of visiting customers.  This is easy to manage from the proprietor’s perspective, and just as easy for the customer to use. Remember, no one likes cumbersome access to using a Wi-Fi network and thus prefer a simple two step process easier. Access can be tailored to suit your preferences. We can set time limits, provide passwords or voucher codes when required.  You have the peace of mind knowing that the system smartly spreads out your bandwidth evenly. This means everyone is getting their fare share of access speed resulting in a satisfactory internet session every time.

We can set up multiple networks, typically for Admin, Guest and if required, Client Specific. The Admin network includes operation of your mobile credit card machines and typically your own e-mail.  Guest or public access is for your visiting customers. Client Specific networks can be used if you have a client reserving a space for their guests whom as multiple users might like their own private network.

For a list of where we have installed Wi-Fi systems, Wi-Fi marketing suites, VoIP phones and associated services nationwide in Ireland please visit our Case Studies page. Also, feel free to call us at any of the following:

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