NTES Attains ESET Silver Partner Status

NTES Attains ESET Silver Partner Status

We are delighted to announce our recent attainment of silver partner status with ESET. Dedicated to developing high-performing IT security solutions for corporate customers, ESET products detect and terminate all known and emerging forms of malware. We like that ESET has over 22 years of experience in protecting digital worlds, they continue to be the front runner in the industry and our first choice at NTES when it comes to proactive threat detection.

Their extensive range of solutions protects over 130 million users across all types of environments and platforms including industry, education, professional & hospitality. As a silver partner, we have a vast amount of experience when it comes to showing our customers what products are the best option for them. We use ESET ourselves in NTES and we are very happy to recommend it to our clients for use in their network environment. Besides that it offers great value with competitive upgrades, and options over one, two and three years. We would also like to congratulate two of our NTES team members Ross Fitzsimons & Eddie Mulqueen for recently attaining Certified Engineering status for ESET.

Please click to see further information on the ESET product range, and please feel free to call us at any of the following for more info on protecting your network :

+353 (61) 386600
+353 (1) 9011234
+353 (21) 6030707


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