NTES work with 3CX and Hoist Group on Hotsoft Integration

NTES work with 3CX and Hoist Group on Hotsoft Integration


Over the past 12 months NTES have worked closely to bring together 3CX and Hoist Group to design and implement the interface between the Hotsoft 8 PMS system for Hotels and 3CX PBX system.

We are delighted to announce that this interface has now been fully implemented and tested and is now available from Hoist Group.  The integration uses the Mitel SX2000 Integration Type and works seamlessly.

NTES have multiple 3CX Hotel implementations in the UK and Ireland that are using Hotsoft and Oracle PMS systems.  We have skilled engineers on hand to provide high level, expertly integrated, 3CX installations and support for the Hospitality sector.  We are also the only Platinum Partner in Ireland that also are approved by 3CX to provide trunking services.  We are proud to be the top choice for Hotels in Ireland for these voice services and solutions and pride ourselves on world class installations.

Integration of the following services are now available between Hotsoft and 3CX.  The integration includes:

Check In / Out operations

At checkin and checkout the following operations are performed by the integration:

Check In Operations

  • Sets Extension Name.
  • Enables the extension to allow outbound calls.
  • Deletes all voicemail messages.
  • Clears Do Not Disturb (DND) status.
  • Updates phonebook files for IP Phones.
  • Re-provisions supported IP Phones.

Check Out Operations

  • Sets name to blank to show that there is no one in the room.
  • Disables outbound calls on extension.
  • Deletes all voice mail messages and recordings.
  • Clears the Do Not Disturb (DND) status.
  • Updates phonebook files for IP Phones.
  • Re-provisions supported IP Phones.

Wake-up Calls

The system allows for wake up calls to be scheduled. This can be set by the guest from the room without the receptionist’s intervention. The guest calls a Wake-Up call service IVR, and follows the prompts to set a wake-up call. At the scheduled time, the system will call the guest and play a predefined message when the guest answers the call. Wake up calls can also be scheduled via PMS.


The system will log calls from each room and show call costs based on the costs configured in the 3CX Phone System Management Console.

The system can output a configurable Call Data Record (CDR) for each call. The CDR can be sent to a separate text file (one call per text file), to a text file containing all calls, or to a TCP port. For each case, the exact format can be customized.

Set Room Status

This function allows cleaners to set the status of the room via the phone. The maid status message is triggered by a call from the room in question and by entering the special feature code.

We’re delighted to bring leading Irish PMS and VoIP PBX systems together for the hospitality industry. Please feel free to call our sales team today to see how we can improve your IT at your hotel, bar, restaurant or café at:

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Dublin: +353 1 901 1234

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