3CX Phone System with NTES VoIP Trunk in Ireland

3CX Phone System with NTES VoIP Trunk in Ireland

3CX Version 14 is about to be released, and we detail below the correct settings when connecting 3CX to our Irish SIP trunk service.    With the latest version of 3CX, we have to use the Generic template.

Run the Wizard…..  type in the following:


On the second screen, use telephone.ntes.ie as the SIP server hostname, leave the rest as below:







Next, you enter the main account number and user ID.   NTES will most likely issue you an Irish VoIP 076 Number in e.164 format.   Type in this number for the External Number and click next.   You can also set here the maximum amount of trunk calls your system should accept.    In the Generic profile, we cannot set password here yet.








On the last pages, you set the inbound and outbound rules as required.   Do not worry, you can always come back and change this later.

After you have finished, double click and reopen the provider you just added….  the first thing to do is to set the Authentication password on the General Tab.  After this, these are your settings that will work for our trunk via a supported gateway.

Advanced Page

















Outbound Parameters Page





















Inbound Parameters Page












Now, skip over Source ID Page, and go to the DID page.

On this page, add ALL of your DID’s in e.164 format.    Then Click Apply.    After doing this, go back to the Source ID Page.

Source ID page

Change nothing at the top, and select the checkbox against “Source Identification by DID”
Set the SIP Field containing DID numbers to “Request Line URI: user part”






Click the Add DID button.   Select ALL, click OK.   Then close and apply.

All of the above will have you fully setup correctly on our trunk with the 3CX system.

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