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NTES is partnered with KeepItSafe, Ireland’s only ISO 27001 online certified backup company. KeepItSafe cloud backup solutions offer a cutting-edge industry renowned server backup infrastructure to meet the requirements of every business, big and small.

Why is KeepItSafe the right solution for you?

  • Automated backups are stored in multiple Irish datacentres, with full data recovery available within seconds
  • Backups are fully managed and monitored 24/7/365
  • The structure of KeepItSafe’s redundancy backups ensure file safety and eliminate the risk of data loss
  • KeepItSafe employs the highest data encryption standards resulting in secure, unassailable data transmission and protection
  • Choosing KeepItSafe affords companies a peace of mind and more importantly time to focus on personal work responsibilities rather than the hassles of manual backups

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