Exchange Defender

Internet-based message hygiene and business continuity network


  • Agent-based web filtering with over 80 site categories
  • Protection that works in office and on the road with any web browser
  • Realtime per-user reports help isolate problem sites and resource misuse
  • Custom URL lists allow for flexible enforcement and exceptions


  • Proprietary tempfail mechanisms keep obvious SPAM from clogging your users reports
  • Keeping you off blacklists by enforcing SPF and Domainkeys and scanning outgoing email
  • Making your employees more productive by giving them control over their spam and policies
  • Full outbound scanning with MagicKey automatically whitelists responses and bypasses SPAM filters


  • Provides multi-threaded protection using 6 different commercial antivirus engines
  • Protecting you from viruses, trojans, malware, spyware and adware
  • Stopping identity theft by blocking phishing and adding authenticity to your mail messages
  • Eliminates worthless traffic with phishing links and mailbombs

Web File Sharing

  • Secure and policy-controlled web file storage and sharing portal
  • 128-bit SSL security and optional password protected file storage
  • Full audit reporting of all activity and extension policy blocking
  • Regulatory compliance featuring automatic content expiration and access notification


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