N6 Toll Plaza

Getting the N6 Toll Plaza up to speed

N6 Toll Plaza

The Background: The N6 Toll Plaza in Galway is a hugely busy traffic station, and one of a network of toll points around the country that help to finance road maintenance of strategic national routes.

The Challenge: With a relatively small internal IT resource, it became more and more obvious that a reliable outsourced IT partner was required. There is an incumbent IT Manager, but the management company does not wish to implement any additional headcount, believing that it may not be cost-effective.

Our Involvement: Effectively, NTES became the external IT team for the Toll Plaza, providing the necessary levels of support and expertise as and when required.

This offers a huge level of flexibility to the Plaza’s management, giving them the peace of mind of having a full-scale team of their own, but at a fraction of the cost.

The remote management services that we provide are also an important part of managing the Plaza’s internal systems, providing timely warnings of anything from disk failure to disks simply running out of space.

The Outcome: With zero additional headcount, the N6 Toll Plaza has all the IT support that it needs. Additional resources are available on tap for any one-off IT projects, such as installation of new servers.

We are a seamless adjunct to their internal IT capability and offer all the efficiencies of an on-site team but for a significantly lower outlay.

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