Paul Dorrell Photography

Paul Dorrell is a professional photographer, based in Ireland, specialising in commercial photography and video. Paul contacted NTES when he noticed that, whilst mobile, his emails were not synching properly on his phone and laptop.

NTES’ Managing Director, Nick Whittome, reviewed which operating system and software packages Paul had in place and identified an alternative package which included Microsoft Office365 and brought all Paul’s systems inline with one another. Whilst NTES found a solution to Paul’s synchronising issues,he still faced challenges relating to his original domain and email suppliers. “Nick tackled these head-on and managed to obtain solutions to all these problems,” said Paul. “I now have an email system that works across all my devices and I have control of my website to adapt as I wish.”

As Paul’s business philosophy centres strongly on friendly, relaxed yet professional services, working with other businesses that embody the same mantra is very important. “Of note,” added Paul,“I rang Nick to get an update on progress and he stayed on the phone for an hour talking me through other IT items I had questions about; he even took control of my desktop remotely to sort things out which we’d not previously discussed – he went above and beyond the service I was expecting.”

"NTES offer technology solutions to fit every business’ need – big or small – delivering their service in a personal, customer-centric, hands-on fashion. They did a great job fixing my issues and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing IT problems sorted."
Paul Dorrell, Owner, Paul Dorrell Photography