Manor House School

Manor House

Manor House School is a post-primary school for girls in Raheny, Dublin. In 1999, the school was having significant problems with their network, “they were able to offer us with a solution for our network issues and ever since, we’ve had NTES as a support retainer,” explained Eilis Casey, Deputy Principal. “I was very impressed from the initial meeting and our business relationship has grown from there,” she added.

NTES currently supports the school’s administration and student networks with on-site and remote support. Hardware, software – including email, internet solutions and antivirus – and off-site back-up have been provided and installed to meet the school’s needs.

“Over the last 11 years, I have had occasion to work with six members of the NTES team and I am completely satisfied with the assistance they have offered. Of all the service providers the school deals with NTES are by far the most reliable, efficient and professional; I cannot recommend them highly enough.”
Eilis Casey, Deputy Principal