IT Support Limerick

IT Solutions Limerick: We care about what we do

Your number one partner for your IT setup

NTES has an abundance of in house expertise that we can provide to our clients. NTES can become your external IT department and provide your staff with the skills and support needed so they can get on with their own work.


Business IT Solutions Limerick: Remote Support and Monitoring

We provide our clients with IT support services, 95% of which are performed remotely. This is for two main reasons, the first being that we install high quality networks in the first place so ongoing support is kept to a minimum. The second reason is that NTES IT Support have technology available that allows our engineers to remotely control your IT services and computers therefore reducing the cost to you for IT support services and at the same time providing a quicker service!

IT Support Limerick: Long term relationships

NTES want one thing. Happy customers! Therefore we will work with your company to provide you the best possible IT support experience. We want you as a customer for years to come!


To find out more about our IT Support Solutions contact our Limerick office at 061 386 600.