The Sound of Music – The Marker Hotel, Grand Canal, Dublin

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The Marker Hotel Entrance

In Dublin’s trendy Grand Canal Square, there is one of Irelands newest architecturally designed hotels opposite the Bord Gais Energy Theatre.

The sound of the busy city fades as you enter the glass doors of the 187 room Marker Hotel lobby and you are welcomed by a 5 star service and experience.

Part of this experience is created by the hotels ability to provide a well designed and delivered audio-visual system.   NTES are proud to have been the technology company of choice to have implemented this solution through the entire hotel complex.   This experience extends to the bars, the restaurants, the spa / pool and of course the well known rooftop bar.

This state of the art system delivers audio and video over IP networks.   Effectively meaning that this content can be delivered in total synchronisation anywhere in the hotels network.

commercial_infographicsFront Office manager, Gary Redmond liaised with NTES in implementing the system. 

“We wanted a user friendly system that all our employees could use.  NTES implemented an iPad application which allows us to control everything from the type of music we play to the different levels of volume.  It also links the conference area’s video and audio as well as the lighting control throughout the building.”

Director of Food and Beverage, Hadi Aknin

“Architecturally The Marker Hotel is an open plan hotel”. “The restaurant blends into the lobby, blends into the bar. There’s no doors stopping you. So from that side it was important for them to give us the options that would work well in this type of environment.”


High Definition 1080p Television over a single Network Cable

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High Definition over an IP Network

As part of NTES’s commitment to remain on the cutting edge of technology advances for our AudioVisual Customers we are pleased to announce that we are now a reseller and technical installer for the Just Add Power 2G range of HDMI over IP systems here in Ireland.

The Just Add Power 2G (JAP 2G) solution allows homes, businesses, conference centre’s, casinos, public houses and more to provide completely synchronised high definition 1080p video to hundreds of TV’s without the requirement of anything more than a single CAT5 Gigabit network connection.

Video Demo’s from JAP Staff

You can see on the YouTube video an example of how this works, and there is also a video of a recently announced 3D converter driver that can adapt old TV’s and projectors to 3D representation!   This can save thousands in potential hardware upgrades.

A wall of TV’s, at a low cost

Also announced recently from Just Add Power is a cost effective solution to build TV “walls”.   The new App can accommodate anything from a 2×2 up to an 8×8 video wall, and any just about any combination within that (i.e. 2×4, 1×8, 5×5, 6×2).  Video walls can be implemented at sports bars, emergency response centers, super man caves, and digital signage customers, without having to purchase one of the uber expensive video wall processors.

Netstreams DigiLinX Drivers now Available!

There are now available a Netstreams DigilinX driver for seamless automation of the JAP 2G Video distribution system.    Changing a rooms source will automatically control the TV or Projector in that room and switch completely automatically.    An update coming later this year will increase that switching time even further again beating conventional HDMI matrix solutions hands down.

Further information
Please contact or call +353 (61) 386600 for more information on these solutions for your business or home.

iLinX Update Released

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Today, the iLinX application for DigiLinX Home Automation system was updated and released on the iTunes store. Well worth the update for our Netstreams DigiLinX customers!


New Version of Netstreams DigiLinX released

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Clearone have announced a new release of StreamNet Application Suite (Formally known as DigiLinX Application Suite).

This update is highly recommended for our DigiLinX clients as it has some major improvements noted in the release notes below from Clearone.   Most notably the full support of DHCP services which mean better integration to your existing network.

Please contact your NTES representative to arrange and schedule your upgrade.

Release Notes

Some great updates from Netstreams

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Clearone Netstreams have announced a bunch of cool stuff at this year’s CEDIA Expo.  

First!   There is a completely overhauled and improved website – – which gives you a far better feel for the systems from Clearone Netstreams.

IPD100_mainNext, the announcement of the iPod dock.   This will be cool, as we have been having to use the iPort with a MediaLinX device to achieve the same for our business and home users which was a pain.    Being able to have a device that simply connects to the DigiLinX network and allow people visiting our customers homes and businesses to simply dock and then have their music shared and indexed will be AWESOME!

Lastly, but not least.   Anthology is a product that (quoted from the site.)

“automatically scans for music stored on network attached storage devices and on PC’s. In addition to monitoring shared folders on PC’s and networked storage devices, Anthology also monitors its USB ports for USB storage devices that contain audio files, including iPods.

Internet Radio: Stream music to any room in your house. The Anthology can tune into thousands of stations of music, news, talk radio, sports. Streaming interned radio, your personal audio files or online services like Pandora, SIRIUS has never been this easy.”

All in all, this is good news from the Clearone Netstreams team, its great to see this product growing and advancing.

NTES, as an authorised Netstreams Dealer in Ireland, will assist customers with any questions on the above products and existing ones alike!  –  (We also will be releasing a completely new website shortly, so stay tuned!)