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zetes_AlwaysagoodIDThe Background: Since its creation in 1984, Limerick-based Zetes has been at the forefront of innovation in both supply chain optimisation and people authentication. The company’s automatic identification solutions link the physical world to the digital world and provide clients with better visibility on the movement of goods and people, which helps them make better decisions, streamline processes, and automate workflows.

The Challenge: Faced with the imminent departure on an internal IT manager, Zetes looked to outsource their IT requirements. Of particular concern for the company was the quality of their network, which included servers in both Dublin and Limerick, and the added complexity of sites in the U.K. and Belgium.

Our Involvement: The issues facing Zetes were far from simple, and our initial involvement was a period of intense listening, getting a deep-rooted understanding of their business and how technology impacted upon it. It eventually became clear that the preferred option for Zetes was to develop a standalone Irish network, with excellent local support on call at all times.

Included in the work carried out by NTES was the implementation of new routing technologies to maintain the linkage to their primary client, An Post, but at a reduced cost.

As part of our involvement with Zetes, we also gave them full control of their Irish domain and migrated them to Microsoft Office 365. We also installed a new server in Limerick and refreshed their Dublin server.

Another important element of our service was the installation of a 3CS phone system to link Dublin and Limerick via IP, delivering added savings and improving efficiencies.

The Outcome: The net effect of our work with Zetes was to deliver a wide range of added efficiencies, including easy connectivity between offices and a more cost-effective method of linking to their major clients. The cost savings achieved by Zetes have more than paid for use of our services.

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